Satellite TV

A fixed European satellite TV system is a great alternative to Sky Digital, and with many satellites available, there are thousands of satellite TV channels to choose from, depending on your viewing requirements or your nationality.

There a number of ‘Free To Air’ television channels where no monthly fee or subscription is required. There are also a number of premium subscription television channels, and also encrypted channels which require a decryption card to be unlocked. Please note, vyour European satellite receiver will require a CAM for these channels.

If you are unsure of which satellite you wish to receive channels from, or require advice on the systems and languages available, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 2 118 100 to discuss your requirements in further detail.


If you already have a European satellite television system and are having TV reception issues, or aren’t receiving the TV channels you would like, we can provide a thorough system service.

One of our highly trained Transam TV engineers can attend your property and check your entire satellite TV installation, including cabling and the setup of your receiver, and by using a spectrum analyzer, ensure the satellite dish is correctly aligned and receiving the maximum signal possible.

We can also re-align your fixed satellite TV system to a different satellite if you wish to receive a different selection of channels and languages. Remember, every time you want to change which satellite you receive your broadcasts from, with a fixed European system, re-alignment of the dish is required and you will no longer receive the original satellite signal.


If you’re looking to receive a wide variety of European and Middle Eastern digital TV channels and language channels that are available? Then a fully installed digital motorised satellite dish or receiver system could be your answer!

The benefit of motorised digital satellite TV system is that the digital satellite receiver can be programmed to receive digital signal from a multitude of satellites in orbit. When you wish to change which satellite you receive channels from, it will automatically re-position the dish to the pre-programmed locations to receive the new digital TV channels, without the need for any manual reconfiguration.

There are thousands of free digital channels available, providing a vast variety of entertainment in many different languages, many of which are free!

There are also premium subscription channels, and encrypted channels which require a decryption card. Please note, you will require a receiver with CAM access for these channels to be unlocked.

We can tailor any motorised satellite installation to suit your requirements, as there are many satellites and options available.


The Freesat system has been developed to provide greater network coverage for the UK, with approximately 98% of all UK households being able to receive the digital satellite signal, and provides digital television viewing for those who are unable to receive a terrestrial Freeview TV signal.

Furthermore, Freesat will provide super fast digital text and enhanced interactivity, with access to the latest local, national and world news, and even live sports results and the local weather!

To help you make the most of what you want to watch on your TV, the Freesat system has a built in TV programming guide, providing you with up to date TV listings seven days in advance of when your favourite Digital TV shows are on. There are also digital subtitles and audio description available.


The Freesat system, as the name suggests, is free satellite TV viewing for anyone who wishes to watch digital TV. With well over 200 channels including TV & Radio already available, and an estimated increase to around 200 free digital channels during 2010, Freesat could be the new digital vision for the future, and provide a superb alternative to Freeview TV or Sky Freesat.

As opposed to the Sky Freesat system, you will not require a card to unlock the free channels, and the BBC has their own Freesat service, will remain free, forever.


One of the most appealing features of the new Freesat system, is not just the fantastic television channel line up in place, neither is it the free digital television channels with no subscription or monthly payments, but it is the offering of High-Definition technology on its range of channels, direct to your television, ALL COMPLETELY FREE.

High Definition provides up to 5 times greater digital picture quality than standard definition, with more vibrant colours and much finer detail. You will also benefit from improved audio, with some programmes being available in Dolby Digital Surround Sound.

Providing you have a HD compatible television, and a HD Freesat receiver, you will benefit from the Freesat channel line up in glorious High Definition, providing greater, sharper and much more detailed pictures and vibrant colours.


We can supply and install a suitable Freesat TV system to suit your television viewing requirements, whether you wish to receive standard definition viewing, or would like to receive the new digital HD channel line up, all free.

Remember, Freesat has no monthly charges, subscription or minimum contract. You only pay for the equipment and installation, both of which, Transam TV can provide.

Pause, Rewind & Record Your Favourite TV Shows With Freesat+! (recordable) has finally arrived! The new Freesat+ digital satellite television receiver incorporates all the glorious and exciting features such as HD programming, interactive TV guides and digital services, but now with the fantastic ability to pause, rewind and fast forward live TV!

Provided with an integrated hard drive, the Freesat+ receiver will also allow you to record your favourite television shows, and providing you have a second satellite cable feed from your mini satellite dish, you will also be able to record one television channel all whilst watching another! Now, there will be no more fighting over the TV remote control, and you will never miss your favourite digital television shows again!

Freesat+ now reduces the need for recordable tapes or DVD discs, as all your favourite programmes are stored directly onto the built in Freesat harddrive!

Freesat+ is the only way to record and watch brilliant Freesat high definition viewing, and with a large of hard drive space available, you can record many hours of free HD programming!


BBC iPlayer is now available, providing all home viewers, access to on demand television content 24/7, and the ability to watch TV shows already broadcasted within the past seven days!

Using BBC iPlayer, your Freesat HD or HDR (Hard Drive Recorder) receiver will receive a data stream from the BBC iPlayer service, and display the television show direct to your television, without the need for any subscription, or contract! All you require is a Freesat satellite receiver connected direct or by WiFi to your internet/broadband connection for this service to work.

You will not require a Freesat+ PVR (Personal Video Recorder) to be able to use the BBC iPlayer service either, as the information and television programme is ‘streamed’ direct to your receiver, as if you were watching a live broadcast, so no data will be stored on your Freesat receiver.

However with a Freesat+ PVR, content will be able to be stored on your hard drive for up to 30 days allowing you to download any pre-televised content for viewing later!

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