TV Aerial, Mounting, Fixing & Installation

A digital television aerial, combined with a Digital TV, Freeview, BT or Virgin Media box installation, will ensure your home is fully functional and will also provide you with great digital television channels, and a full range of the digital TV interactive services that are now available.

We can supply and install a range of Digital TV Aerials (wideband) capable of receiving Freeview, and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) Radio aerials. We also service & maintain existing aerial systems and provide a TV aerial repair service. Free Estimates available.


The digital switchover was finally made in 2012, where the analogue signal was switched off. All areas of the UK now benefit from an increased huge variety of digital TV channels with both greater picture and audio quality, better than ever before.

Freeview TV is now standard throughout the UK and you now have access to a whole new variety of television entertainment and interactive digital TV channels, from comedy and drama, films, to news and music, all of which are free!

The majority of TV’s come fully equipped with Freeview complete with advanced digital programming guides allowing you to view plan ands select upcoming Freeview television shows several weeks in advance, and also come complete with a digital programme timer, to ensure you don’t miss the start!

If you are experiencing difficulties you may need a digital compatible (wideband) tv aerial, and upgrade your TV, especially when it comes to internet connected and interactive services available through your home WiFi network!

Transam specialises in providing suitable solutions to meet your home entertainment needs! Using specialist equipment and having 20 years of experience in quality installations throughout the Manchester area.

Using our digital signal meters, we can provide a digital reception test at your property. Especially if you are in one of area’s where the online digital checker states there is pour reception. In the small minority of poor reception area’s, where digital is not available, an alternative digital viewing system, such as Freesat or Sky TV can be installed.


All available Digital TV platform provides consumers with the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward their favourite digital television shows, live!

Most Digital TV systems can record your favourite TV shows whilst you are not home, at work or away, ensuring you never miss a show again! You can even set your Digital TV to record an entire series of your favourite television programmes by the press of a button!

Digital TV’s provides the home user all the benefits of home tape recording, but without the neccessity of tapes, and can store many programmes for free on the in built hard drive or external USB storage device.

Our tv aerial installation engineers are fully trained and qualified to install any Digital TV aerial or radio aerial system you require. Furthermore, each system can be fully configured to your requirements, whether you want a digital TV aerial system installed to one room, or, a complete digital aerial multiroom system installed, allowing every room in your property access to the digital TV channels on offer. This, in turn can be installed with Freeview receivers, providing greater choice and variety on the television programmes available.

All installations are carried out by experienced aerial installers, and furthermore, backed by our 3 year guarantee, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in our service.